Prayer at NTE2023

Prayer at NTE2023

Through our prayers we demonstrate our total dependence on God. We pray for his Spirit to work throughout the conference as Jesus impacts our lives before we head back into a world that does not recognise his authority.

Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

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• Give thanks for the main sessions gathering us together in Christ from across Australia
• Pray that our hearts and minds would be shaped by God’s word

  • Give thanks for strand groups and all we can learn together at NTE
  • Pray that as we learn from God’s word we would grow in love and knowledge of God.

  • Give thanks for our International guests, and our focus students.
  • Pray that God would continue to see his people grow from every nation, tribe and tongue
  • Pray for NTE missions for safe travel and gospel growth as we are sent out

  • Give thanks for the joy of our fellowship in Christ
  • Pray for our ‘Meet Jesus’ National Mission in 2024, pray that we would Pray. Invite. Read. Ask that God would change hearts to love and serve him

  • Give thanks to God for the office staff and organising teams in all they do to make NTE happen!
  • Pray for our fellowship to ‘proclaim Jesus Christ at University to present everyone mature in Him’ (AFES Mission)

  • Give thanks for the food at NTE! Give thanks for all the people in the queue!
  • Pray for good conversations in our meal queues, and for the food to nourish us; pray that we’d use our energy in the good works God has prepared for us

  • Give thanks for the work of the gospel through Wycliffe, Global Recordings Network, WEC and IFES
  • Give thanks to God for his work among ‘every tribe, nation and tongue’
  • Pray that our ‘actions’ would bring God honour as he is made known.
Be sure to participate in the Act Now projects

  • Give thanks for the work of the gospel spreading throughout Australia and the world
  • Pray for conversations in this room to encourage us in gospel opportunities
  • Pray for the mission agencies and colleges as they train and send gospel workers into the harvest

Pray for our international partners in Slovenia, ZVEŠ and Myanmar, MFES. Learn more about  ZVEŠ and MFES on the international partners page. You can sign up to become a prayer partner and keep praying for them. What a privilege that we can pray for our brothers and sisters across the world!

Don’t forget to also check our Prayer Room | located in Pelican Room
which will be a dedicated space to pray and reflect as you come before God.

Daily Prayer Meeting|8:15am – 8:45am, Sun-Wed (optional)

Grab a quick brekkie and head to Quokka each morning to spend some time in prayer.
These guided prayer sessions will be led by AFES National Director, Richard Chin.