This year at NTE we are hoping to increase our commitment and giving to a number of causes which flow out of our gospel-hearted commitment to Christ.

Give Now

Give Now

You can give online to the International Partners and AFES staff/campus by clicking on the relevant links. Alternatively you can give using the NTE envelopes.

Support our sister IFES movements in Slovenia (ZVEŠ) and Myanmar (MFES). Give today at

To learn more and pray for ZVEŠ and MFES visit our international partners page

GIVE to an AFES staff/campus

NTE envelopes which will be distributed for the collection on Sunday night for International Partners and Tuesday night for AFES staff/campus in the auditorium. They can also be handed in during the week to the NTE Office.

Visit our Act Now partners and projects in the Kakadu room and donate now in person!

You can also donate online at

Click here to view page on Act Now

Note: Donations to AFES or its ministries are not tax deductible so we only issue receipts if specifically requested to save unnecessary admin time and costs. If you supply your email address a receipt will be sent automatically when a one-off donation is processed.

Direct debit terms and conditions
I/we authorise AFES (User ID 65593) to arrange for the above funds to be debited from my/our account at the financial institution identified above as prescribed by the Bulk Electronic Clearing System. This authorisation is to remain in force in accordance with the terms described in the service agreement below: 1. Direct debiting is not available on the full range of accounts. If in doubt, please refer to your financial institution. 2. You are advised to check your account details by contacting your financial institution. 3. Your account will be debited at the frequency specified, from the date specified (or the nearest working day). 4. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient clean funds are in the nominated account when payments are to be drawn. Bank dishonour fees may apply if insufficient funds are in the account. If the transaction is returned unpaid, we will contact you seeking your instructions. 5. Should you wish to cancel, defer, or make alterations to the direct debit arrangement, please ring 02 9697 0313 at least 7 days before the usual debit date. We will give you 14 days notice if we vary any of the debit arrangements. 6. Should you have any queries or dispute any debit item, please contact AFES in the first instance. 7. Your records and account details will be kept private and confidential to be disclosed only if requested by yourself or the financial institution if a claim is made for an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.