Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to get your answer from your region’s NTE page, please see if your questions are answered below. Otherwise please be in touch via the contact us form.

General Inquiries

NTE2024 will be in the regions! This means there will be a total of 7 “NTE”s happening  around the country in various regions from late Nov to early Dec (with the exception of TAS which will be in July). More details will come, stay tuned!

NTE2025 will return to EPIC Canberra where we will gather again altogether as a nation.

National Training Event is a significant undertaking, which means, all our events need to factor in components such as production costs for accommodation, catering, program elements (such as videos), AV set up, recording, venue hire, rehearsals, props, running websites, marketing, and the like.

At NTE we ask you to: 

  • Sanitise your hands regularly including before meals and main sessions 
  • Wear a mask if you would like to, in main sessions or elsewhere 
  • If you have Covid or flu-like symptoms:
    – care for yourself, including seeking medical help as appropriate – including from NTE First Aid Officers.
    inform your Campus Staff for support. 
    – do not attend NTE sessions, meetings or meals.
    – arrange for your travel home, as appropriate. 

During NTE AFES will: 

  • remind everyone of Covid-Safe practices (including that masks will be available for main sessions),  
  • ensure high-touch surfaces are regularly sanitised. 

AFES does not provide medical advice, treatment or transport home. 

At NTE, we seek to care and look after everyone as best as we can. We strongly advise talking with your campus group staff first about your needs as they will primarily be looking after you during NTE.

If you have further questions or enquiries please contact us or inform a campus staff worker to do so on your behalf, so we can do our best to meet your needs.

At NTE, there will be people around taking photos. Photos may be used on social media and for future NTE promotions. By registering and attending the conference you are agreeing to allow us to use your image in promotional materials. Please email us at [email protected], if you do not wish to be photographed or appear in any of our promotional/social media materials. You can always inform the photographer on the day that you do not wish to be photographed. We do our best in abiding with ethical photography & filming.

By registering for and/or attending you acknowledge that you attend at your own risk. While camp organisers and leaders will take reasonable care, you agree to not hold AFES, leaders or organisers responsible for personal injury or loss.


Registrations are opening soon for NTE2024 (except of TAS region which have already closed). We will inform via social media and to campus groups when they do. Stay tuned!

Transfers and cancellations can be made up till the date specified by your region. 

Please visit your region’s page for more specific details on cancellations and refunds

We strong advise you attend the full length of the NTE in the region.

Unfortunately there is no discount or price variance for a part-time rego.


Get excited for a large, all-in session together! There will be singing, praying, stories from on campus, a bible talk, and we will also have the chance to hear from some of the international movements that AFES partners with!

Check out our about NTE page to learn more about the various things that happen during your time at NTE. Majority of these things will be happening at the various NTE but certain ones may not be feasible to run in smaller-size regions. Please check your region’s page to find out more.