Strand groups are the engine room of NTE and are available in English, simple English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian (and in/for other languages –  see the FOCUS page).

We see Strand Groups as a 3-5 year program. In each strand there is a general movement from the Bible to the world, but there is also a movement across the strands, with each having a particular focus for that year.

Strand 1: Exegesis
Strand 2: Biblical Theology
Strand 3: Systematic Theology
Strand 4: Ethics Work
Strand 5: Teaching a Series
Strand 12: The Gospel (Year 12 Graduates)
Strand 101: Introducing God


Strand 1 focuses on the task of exegesis, the text of Colossians 1:15–23 and the significance of Jesus.

Strand 2 focuses on biblical theology, 1 Samuel 8 and how it fits within the Old Testament and the whole Bible, illuminating the person and work of Jesus.

Strand 3 focuses on systematic theology, examining the doctrine of the resurrection and its implications.

Strand 4 focuses on biblical ethics, with application in the area of ‘work’.

Strand 5 focuses on pastoral theology and how to teach a series on the book of Titus.

Strand 101 – Introducing God for students who are investigating Christianity.

Strand 12 – exclusively for high school students about to start uni the following year (i.e. Year 12) and focuses on understanding the gospel from Romans 3 and teaches them how to give a personal testimony.