Strand groups are the engine room of NTE. We see Strand Groups as a 3-5 year program. In each strand there is a general movement from the Bible to the world, but there is also a movement across the strands, with each having a particular focus for that year.

Strands are available in English and may be available simple English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian and other languages depending on demand. See your region’s page for more info.

Strand 1: Exegesis focuses on the task of exegesis, the text of Colossians 1:15–23 and the significance of Jesus.

Strand 2: Biblical Theology focuses on biblical theology, 1 Samuel 8 and how it fits within the Old Testament and the whole Bible, illuminating the person and work of Jesus.

Strand 3: Systematic Theology focuses on systematic theology, examining the doctrine of the resurrection and its implications.

Strand 4: Ethics Work focuses on biblical ethics, with application in the area of ‘work’.

Strand 5: Teaching a Series focuses on pastoral theology and how to teach a series on the book of Titus.

Strand 6: (TBC – available in Victoria region only)

Strand 101 – Introducing God for students who are investigating Christianity.

Strand 12: The Gospel (Year 12 Graduates – for high school students about to start uni the following year) and focuses on understanding the gospel from Romans 3 and teaches them how to give a personal testimony.