Interested in going overseas for mission? Keen to be equipped for local mission? Choose one National Mission elective and one Global Mission elective of interest when you sign up to NTE2023.



More than anyone else, Jesus has changed the world! God says everything was made through Jesus and for Jesus. And yet, Jesus came into the world as a servant, so we can know God and enjoy a relationship with God. Have you met Jesus? Join us to find out more about the man at the centre of everything.

Everyone loves a good story, and there is none better than the true story of God’s victorious salvation in Jesus! We long for others to hear this story and meet Jesus, but we can find it hard to know how. If youve met Jesus yourself, then you already know an awesome introduction to the greatest story in the world. Join us to learn how sharing your story can help others meet Jesus! 

No, this isn’t an elective advocating dating evangelism!!  It’s an elective to train us in how to meet others on campus and how we might invite them to meet Jesus in the Bible with us. We’ll consider both meeting strangers (ie.“cold-contact/”walk up”) and making friends, and how we can grow in having intentional & enjoyable gospel conversations. 

Conversations are two-way streets that can feel intimidating when the topic turns to Jesus. Our goal is to build your confidence and skills so that you feel equipped to engage in gospel conversations by asking spiritual questions of our friends and then answering their questions from the Bible.

From a distance Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants have much in common. But as you look a little closer, there are many surprising differences. How do you make sense of this and what does it mean for how you can meet Jesus with Catholics?

Wouldn’t it be great if outreach and training could work together! If you could help your friends to meet Jesus while also being discipled and trained. And if this work multiplied every term on your campus! This isn’t a wild dream, it‘s the normal expectation of the Christian life! Join us to find out more and be equipped! 

1 in 4 students on campus in Australia are international students. How can we connect with international students on our campus? What differences in culture do we need to consider? How can we help them meet Jesus? Join us as we consider how to cross cultures for the gospel. 

This seminar will help you to understand what Muslims are taught about Christianity, how you can share the gospel with them, and how to answer the common questions and objections they have. There will be ideas for training and missions on your campus, and what booklet, apps, and websites can help you.

You may have noticed that God is bringing an increasing number of South Asian students to study in Australia! Many of these students come from Hindu backgrounds and are open to talking about religion. Join us to hear more about Hinduism and how we can help these students to meet Jesus!

So you’ve got a friend who’s keen to find out more about Jesus! What next? Join us as we discuss practical ways to follow up someone interested in Jesus, prayerfully taking them from meeting Jesus to making Him Lord of their life! 



Everyone called to Christ is commissioned for the sake of all nations, but not everybody can, should, or will go across cultures for global mission. So while I’m here in Australia, whether just for uni or a lifetime serving here, how can I play my part for there so that all peoples might praise Jesus? 

Meet new gospel workers heading to Africa and the Middle East. As you hear how God prepared them to serve overseas, consider steps you could take to discern where in the world God is leading you and how to be well equipped to serve Him wherever he sends you. 

Challenges and opportunities abound throughout Africa. In the North, the Gorries minister in the Muslim dominated and often violent north of Kenya. Challenge and opportunity abounds in the schools, colleges and over 60 churches they have the privilege of working alongside. Meanwhile, the van der Avoort family serve in South Africa on the frequently tumultuous university campuses of KwaZulu Natal. They have the privilege of discipling students from cultural Christian, African traditional religion, Muslim, and cult backgrounds. 

From the outside Japan seems like a very religious society. It is said there are more than eight million gods in Japan and many of the cultural events have roots in Shinto or Buddhist practices. Yet Japanese often describe themselves as not religious. Why is this and how should we think about ‘religion’? 

Europe is the cradle of Christianity and was once the centre of the global church, sending people out with the gospel all over the worldToday, however, much of Europe is increasingly post-Christian or even anti-Christian, embracing a radical form of secularismYet God is at work in EuropeCome and hear about how He is building His church, about what Gospel work looks like at the vanguard of secularism—and about how you can get involved today and in the future. 

Is it really mission if you go to a warm and beautiful place? And isn’t the South Pacific already Christian? And what and where actually is the South Pacific? Come and hear about the great needs and opportunities to share the gospel and train people in God’s word across the Pacific islands.  

(More information coming soon!)

There’s plenty of translation work left in Australia. Although a few First Nations languages have small portions of the Bible translated and others have full New Testaments, most have no Old Testament and only one language has a whole Bible.  

Come, consider some challenges with any translation–whether from Hebrew into English or Greek into Gupapuyŋu–and see some of the opportunities to communicate God’s word in every heart language, to as many people as possible. 

The gospel is bearing fruit across South America. How can we support the Latin church in its growth amidst the pressures of secularism and syncretism? 

Unreached People Groups have No Churches, No Bibles, No local Christians & No Public Access to the Gospel. Yet Only 3% of global missionaries and 1% of mission giving are sent to the least reached. God has chosen to work and triumph through His word – the Bible – and through His people – the Church. We need to go where God already is. 

With a focus on least reached areas of the world, how can a Christian Academic take their research and teaching skills into an overseas university? Where are Academics most needed? How can we prepare to work with other Christian Academics on team in one of these least reached areas? Come and learn with us. 



Returning home is never an easy journey, especially if you have lived long enough overseas. What preparations do you need to take while you are still a student in Australia? What steps do you have to do before you return to Indonesia? What do you expect when you return to Indonesia? This elective will run in Bahasa Indonesia.

When you finish study, what will working life be like? What expectations will there be? How can we adjust? Maybe you’ve become a Christian! This changes how we think about life and all other things. How can work to fit into God’s plans for our world? Come and find out!

Many things have changed since you left home and came to study in Australia. Perhaps the biggest change is becoming a Christian! What will it be like to return home? How will you honour your parents as a Christian? What will church be like back in your country? Come and find out!

You’re studying in Australia. You may have many questions about what will happen after graduation. This elective will help you know how to live God’s way as a Chinese Christian. This elective will be in Mandarin.