Hoping for evangelism to be instinctive and sustainable? Longing to see gospel connections with everyday conversation so that Jesus comes up naturally and organically? This is what SPTs are about.  Experience an SPT at NTE to see whether SPTs could help you, your campus group or church, prepare for a lifetime of confident evangelism. You’ll even come away with ideas about how to take a current conversation in an evangelistic direction.

This seminar will help you to understand what Muslims are taught about Christianity, how you can share the gospel with them, and how to answer the common questions and objections they have. There will be ideas for training and missions on your campus, and what booklet, apps, and websites can help you.

Everyone loves a compelling and personal story, and there is no better story than the good news that Jesus died to save and rose to reign! So we all want to speak it, but sometimes we don’t know where to start or what to say or how to be natural and authentic. Join us to learn how to use a story you probably already know (your story!) to share the story you long to tell (God’s story!).

The Mark Drama turns Mark’s biography of Jesus into a 90-minute, action-paced, theatre-in-the-round stage production! Audience members are fully immersed in the words of Jesus, and his life, death and resurrection. Find out how your campus group or church could put on a performance! 

Being a Christian who can train another, who can train another, who can train another … .  This is the normal expectation of Jesus and the New Testament.  Be convinced of this from the Bible, and learn how we can train disciple-making disciples in our ministries.

Often we have the desire to share Jesus but just don’t know how to get the conversation started. Rattling off a gospel outline can sound like a monologue – so how do we have dialogue that ‘proclaims’ Christ? In this elective we’ll cover some practical ways to infuse your conversations with the good news of Jesus!

You’ve boldly invited a friend to read the Bible with you, and they said ‘yes’! But now what? How do you actually lead that discussion in a way that lets the Bible do the talking? This seminar will equip you to use the ‘Uncover’ method of reading Mark’s Gospel so you can confidently introduce your friends to Jesus.

Did you know that 1 in 4 students on campus in Australia are international students? Many come from nations where it is hard for missionaries to gain access. Many have never heard the gospel, or even met a Christian. But God has opened a door for us to share his gospel with the nations without having to leave Australia. Come and learn about how you can connect with international students and help them meet Jesus.

Children are precious and loved by Jesus. It’s an amazing privilege to be able to teach children how much Jesus loves them, as we teach them from His word. Giving Bible talks to children has some unique challenges, and can also be a lot of fun. If you’re doing a children’s talk on your NTE mission, or are interested in being involved in children’s ministry in other contexts, then this elective is definitely for you!

Youth ministry is an exciting ministry to be a part of. It’s during the teenage years that most people in Australia put their trust in Jesus. So come and get better equipped to share the great news of Jesus with a group of people that are asking the big questions in life, making them open to hearing the gospel. if you’re doing a youth talk on your NTE mission, then this elective is definitely for you!



How am I part of God’s plan for the world? Do I have to buy a one-way plane ticket to a far-off land, or can I participate in God’s global mission here in Australia? Come along to this elective to think about what it looks like to be a witness of Jesus in your home context, reaching out to make disciples of all nations right here, right now.

Travelling overseas can be a real help or hindrance to our Christian faith. If we do travel, why not ensure that the time and money you spend produces an experience that is a spiritual plus for both you and others? In this workshop we’ll think through the opportunities and challenges of exchange, how to think well about cultural differences, and hear from others about how they used, or hope to use, their time on exchange for Jesus.

With a focus on least reached areas of the world, how can a Christian Academic take their research and teaching skills into an overseas’ university? Where are Academics most needed?  How can we prepare to work with other Christian Academics on team in one of these least reached areas? Come and learn with us.

What are the next steps you can take towards global mission? How might you choose an agency or a location or a role? What specific training do missionaries do to prepare for the field? Come and hear from two pre-departure missionaries as they prepare to go to Japan and Seychelles.

Is it really mission if you go to a warm and beautiful place? And isn’t the South Pacific all Christian? And what are where actually is the South Pacific? Come and hear about the great needs and opportunities to share the gospel and train people in God’s word across the Pacific islands.

Why should we think about reaching the Muslim world? What does Christian ministry look like in a majority Muslim country? How does ministry work when evangelism can be illegal? How is a student ministry even able to even exist on a university campus?

Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country with a long history of military dictatorship. By God’s grace, student ministry officially began in 2016 and has persevered despite many challenges, including the recent coup. Come and discover what God is doing amongst university students even amidst political unrest. As we consider both the overwhelming challenges and the many opportunities, join us in praying to our God who can do more than we ask or imagine.

What does mission look like on the ground? Japan and Taiwan are two neighbouring countries in East Asia. Both countries love chopsticks and have a long history of ancestor worship. Surely mission in these countries must be pretty similar, right? Wrong! Come and learn about what mission looks like in two very different contexts.

Europe used to be a global centre of the church, sending people out with the gospel into the world. But now as countries across Europe march further away from their Christian heritage and relentlessly on towards secularism now is the time for Europe to receive people with the gospel. Come and hear about what gospel ministry looks like in post-Christian secularised Europe and consider how you might get involved today and the future.

There is a world we do not see, a world at the very fingertips of God’s mission. Unreached and Unengaged people groups have no local Christians, no churches, no Bibles, and no public access to the gospel. They are often socially, politically, and geographically isolated. Yet only 3% of global missionaries and 1% of mission giving are sent to the least reached. Join us in discovering and praying for the world we do not see, a world that needs to see Jesus.



Returning home is never an easy journey, especially if you have lived long enough overseas. What preparations do you need to take while you are still a student in Australia? What steps do you have to do before you return to Indonesia? What do you expect when you return to Indonesia? This elective will be run in Bahasa Indonesia.

When you finish study, what will working life be like? What expectations will there be? How can we adjust? Maybe you’ve become a Christian! This changes how we think about life and all other things. How can work to fit into God’s plans for our world? Come and find out!

Many things have changed since you left home and came to study in Australia. Perhaps the biggest change is becoming a Christian! What will it be like to return home? How will you honour your parents as a Christian? What will church be like back in your country? Come and find out!

You’re studying in Australia. You may have many questions about what will happen after graduation. This elective will help you know how to live God’s way as a Chinese Christian. This elective will be in Mandarin.