*There is no on-site registration for Canberra Bible Talks this year – pre-registration is compulsory, including for the free Sunday night.*

We love to have members of Canberra churches join us at the evening sessions of our annual National Training Event (NTE) in Canberra – the Canberra Bible Talks – joining with 1900+ university students, AFES Staff and Guests from Australia and overseas.

Pre-rego: $15/night, or $35 for all nights. Sunday Night is free.

There is now no on-site rego for the 2022 Canberra Bible talks – you must pre-register, even for the free Sunday night

Canberra Bible Talk sessions are on Saturday 3 December – Tuesday 6 December 2022 starting at 7:15pm in the Coorong Pavilion of the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC). Also, many churches join us for the free session on Sunday evening. Pre-registration is required for all sessions of the 2022 Canberra Bible Talks via this webform.

This year we’ll be joined by Vaughan Roberts from the UK, author of God’s Big Picture. Vaughan will be speaking on the theme of identity through the lens of the gospel.

We hope that this opportunity will serve Canberra churches and their partnership with AFES in taking the gospel to Canberra, and beyond.

All those attending Canberra Bible Talks need to adhere to the NTE Covid policy: