NTE2023 regos are now open!

Standard rego runs until 7 November.

Register here for NTE2023!



For some of us, we’ll be keen to camp those 5 days. For others, not so much.

There will be on-site camping spots available at EPIC. You will camp alongside your peers in the designated area for your university group. Please organise within your group for tenting arrangement, gear and equipment.

Please note they are all offsite in nearby accommodations. You will have to organise yourself/with your campus group for transport to and from EPIC.

Single = your own room, no sharing.
Premium = 2 people per room.
Standard = 3-6 people per room.
Dorm = 7-10 people per room.

You and your friends might find getting an Airbnb close to the EPIC site a great option, especially if you have a car available to get to and from the site. You will have to organise this amongst yourselves prior to coming to NTE.

Please select “Day (rego)” when you register and please note that breakfast is not provided with this type of rego.