About NTE

About NTE

Haven’t been to the National Training Event (NTE) before? Wondering what we do in those 5 days at the conference ? Here are a just a few things we get up to each year…


Each day, we’ll have all-in sessions, spending time together worshipping in song, hearing from students and ministries across Australia and the world and learning from God’s word.

This year, Phillip Jensen will be speaking on the theme of “The Christ we Proclaim” – diving deep into who really is this Christ that the gospel centres on.



These are the bread and butter of our time at NTE! Spanning most of the day, you will be grouped up with other students at a similar stage to learn how to read God’s word and how to teach God’s word.

Strand groups are broken up as follows:

Strand 1: How to write a Bible Study
Strand 2: Biblical Theology
Strand 3: Systematic Theology
Strand 4: Ethics: Work
Strand 5: Teaching a Series


In an ever-changing, post-pandemic world, we now face a new ministry landscape. Ever wondered what ministry looks like now?

This year’s electives at NTE will set our eyes towards living out and sharing the gospel on campus, as well as shaping a mission mindset.


Act Now

While we serve faithfully on campus, we also have the opportunity to serve alongside our global mission partners. Each year, we seek to support them: through prayer, financial giving and forms of encouragement.

Make sure to find our ACT NOW space during your time at NTE. Let’s set our eyes to God’s wider mission for all nations to know His name.

Expo and Bookstore

Our expo gives you the opportunity to meet workers from other ministries: Theological Colleges, Bible Translators, Missionary Organisations and more! See how God could be using you in these spaces.

You might also be interested in the bookstore! There will be plenty of books for you to consider reading that may be beneficial for your growth in reading and teaching God’s word.