Cite is the national missions conference for academia. Take time at the end of the year to gather with Australia's Christian thinkers to be challenged, inspired, and equipped as ambassadors for Christ at the university and, through the university, to the world.

Our Cite catch cry, Cite Jesus, works on three levels:

1. We are reminded that our Christian lives are about giving glory to God through Jesus. 
2. It declares that our authority is derivative. We are heralds for the one who has authority over heaven and earth.It is an apologetic strategy.
3. We believe the Bible because we've met Jesus. We believe in God because we find him revealed in Jesus.



Phillip has been active in ministry since conversion in 1959. From 1970, after education at Moore Theological College, he has been employed in various ministries including working with John Chapman in the Dept. of Evangelism, Chaplain at University of New South Wales for 30 years, Rector of St Matthias Centennial Park and Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral. During this time, he was chairman of Katoomba Christian Convention, founded Matthias Media, Ministry Training Strategy, and numerous evangelistic ministries as well as writing several books and undertaking University missions in Australia and overseas. Phillip is the driving force behind the establishment of Two Ways Ministries, which aims to build a network of the next generation who plan to live boldly and single mindedly for Christ, training gospel-centred evangelists to teach and preach the Bible evangelistically. He continues to be actively engaged in preaching and writing. Phillip is married to Helen, has three adult children and 13 grandchildren. For more information about Phillip go to


Sat 2 December - Wed 6 December 
Registration open from 9:00am at the Conference Centre in Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)


Full Conference:
Camping $340
Dormitory $435
Standard $48
Premium $525
Single $670

Day Registration:
Full $300 
Part Time $75/day

Weekend Registration:
Camping $175
Premium $290