To the Ends of the Earth

Join together with uni students from Sydney and the Illawarra for NTE2021 at KCC (Katoomba Christian Convention), to be trained to know God’s gospel, understand the Bible, and be equipped to speak and serve.

Carl Matthei and Richard Chin will teach us from Isaiah and Acts – don’t miss it!

NTE2021, God’s gospel: To the Ends of the Earth.


Carl Matthei currently leads the Campus Bible Study ministry team and Unichurch UNSW at the University of New South Wales as Senior Minister and Chaplain. He is also an Associate Senior Staff member of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Carl hopes to see missionaries raised up from Campus Bible Study through Biblical training and the equipping of members and the many trainees at Campus Bible Study. He is married to Jenny, and they have four children: Caitlin, Laura, Rebecca and Joel.

Richard Chin serves as the National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Richard migrated from Singapore as a child, grew up in Fairfield and graduated in Medicine, before training at Moore College for his work as a student evangelist.

Richard is married to Jeanette, and father to four young adult children. Based at Australian National University in Canberra, Richard also serves with Jeanette on an AFES staff team that proclaims Christ to both local and international students.


FROM $180
Dorms from $300
Ensuite rooms from $330
Camping full-time from $240
Full-time 5 days (no accomm.) $180



We always want to host the best experience for all our friends and this year have decided to opt for a face-to-face NTE in regions to best prepare for any COVID lockdowns or border closures.

Check out the 7 NTE’s taking place here.

If you are still unsure, ask your campus staff or email [email protected] for help.


No worries! We can help you out. Please email [email protected] with the purchase details.

We are able to offer refunds, however will charge a $50 administrative fee, until registrations close. If you are able to find someone to take your registration then the $50 administration fee will be waived.
After 9th November no refunds are available unless for COVID reasons.

Each regional NTE will make decisions based on the state government laws and will let you know of any changes to the program accordingly. We will offer full refunds for any registrations that are unusable due to COVID.

Strand Groups are seen as a 3-5 year program, generally we encourage those attending their first NTE to go to Strand 1, second NTE – Strand 2, and so on. There are also specialty strands.

Specialty Strands:
Strand 101 – Investigating Christianity
Strand 12 – exclusively for high school leavers about to start uni!

Regular Strands
Strand 1 – Exegesis of NT Passage
Strand 2 – Biblical Theology, how OT passage fits within the whole Bible
Strand 3 – Systematic Theology, Doctrine of a biblical theme
Strand 4 – Systematic Theology, Ethics for pastoral topic
Strand 5 – Pastoral Theology, Preparation to teach a book of the bible

Making Christ known
to the ends of the earth