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Transformed, Trained, Sent Video Submissions

Thank you for helping share campus stories on video for NTE2021 in the Regions.
Click the buttons below to get all the info you need
& to share your story ideas with us by Friday 17 September.

Scroll down to see some example videos from prior NTEs
that may give you some ideas.

Submit your videos

When you have viewed the info doc and let us know your video idea,
click here to submit videos by 11 October!



We have made our NTE Strand Material available for you to use on your campus. Click the button below for all Strands (excluding Indonesian strands); otherwise, you can find specific Strands in the list below:

Strand 1 ||Leader || Student
Strand 1 FOCUS ||Leader || Student
Strand 1 Indonesian || TBC
Strand 1 Japanese ||Leader || Student
Strand 1 Mandarin ||Leader || Student
Strand 101 ||Student
Strand 101 FOCUS ||Student
Strand 2 ||Leader || Student
Strand 2 Indonesian || TBC
Strand 2 Mandarin ||Student
Strand 3 ||Leader || Student
Strand 3 FOCUS ||Leader || Student
Strand 4 ||Leader || Student
Strand 5 ||Leader || Student
Strand 12 ||Leader || Student