Meet the Speakers

Meet the Speakers

This year we will hear from Phillip Jensen and Richard Chin as they speak from God’s Word on the topic “The Christ we Proclaim”.

Phillip Jensen

As the Director of Two Ways Ministries, Phillip Jensen continues his lifelong passion of recruiting and training ministry workers by teaching the Bible. He is married to Helen, has three adult children and thirteen grandchildren.

Throughout his ministry at UNSW, St Matthias Centennial Park, St Andrew’s Cathedral and as the Director for Ministry Training and Development for the Anglican Church, Phillip has consistently preached the gospel by expounding the scriptures. He has been instrumental in commencing ministries such as the Ministry Training Strategy and Matthias Media. He is sought after in Australia and internationally as an evangelist and an incisive, expository Bible teacher.

Phillip’s most recent published work is The Coming of the Holy Spirit. You can find his other publications, sermons and essays at


Richard Chin

Richard Chin is married to Jeanette and the father of 4 young adult children. His late wife (Bronwyn) went to be with the Lord at Easter in 2013.

Richard serves as the National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES), and is the author of Captivated by Christ, and How to Read the Bible Better.