Thu 16 Dec 1:45pm AEDT

Monday 13 December 2021 – Letter from Richard Chin, AFES National Director.

Dear brothers and sisters,

On Tue 7th and Wed 8th Dec, a non-residential guest visited our Regional NSW National Training Event. Although fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, they have since tested positive for COVID-19.

Our NTE Coordinator was first alerted to this situation immediately after this guest tested positive, having returned home from the conference without symptoms.

As you are aware, every necessary precaution was taken during the conference in accordance with NSW Health and the Conference Centre guidelines…

Read the full text of Richard Chin’s letter here.


  • Since the conference, our attendees have each had multiple tests for COVID-19 and have continued in their isolation arrangements in order to protect the wider community, and in line with the relevant NSW Health guidelines.
    Most attendees are due for their day 6 CLOSE contact test on the 16 December and will end self-isolation once returning a negative result.
  • Due to the timing of the advice of the first positive case and the very limited travel and self-isolation options at that time, there has been some transmission following the conference to other attendees. This was expected, and the arrangements made have restricted transmission to the community.
  • Each person who has returned a positive test is displaying only mild-moderate symptoms, with none requiring hospitalisation.
  • NSW Health has thanked us for our handling of this matter, and for the way our attendees have sought to follow the guidelines in order to love their community and especially those who may be particularly vulnerable.

  • Our general measures included, and were not limited to: wearing masks indoors except whilst eating and drinking, regular sanitising and cleaning, ensuring adequate room ventilation, use of outdoor areas wherever possible, and limiting numbers of people in spaces in line with current guidelines. All participants were also double vaccinated.

  • Students, please immediately contact your Staff Team Leader if you test positive to Covid-19. Others, if you test positive please immediately email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch with you.

  • NSW Health advice for CLOSE contacts
    If you have been advised that you are a CLOSE Contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, NSW Health requires fully vaccinated CLOSE contacts to:
    – self-isolate for 7 days
    – get a nose and throat (PCR) test at a testing clinic straight away and again on day 6
    – leave self-isolation after 7 days if your test on day 6 is negative, you feel well and you have had no further contact with a COVID-19 positive person
    – for the following 7 days, work from home if you can and do not attend a high-risk setting (healthcare, aged care, disability care, early childhood centres, primary school and correctional facilities) even if it is your place of work
    -get tested again on day 12.
  • Please continue to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and get tested again at any time if you develop symptoms.
    See this NSW Health site for further information.
  • Should you require further information, please contact your local campus staff team leader, or check back here for updates.