NTE doesn’t stop at the end of the conference - a huge part of NTE is mission! On mission, you will go with your uni group to partner with a local church and put what you’ve learnt at NTE into practice. Mission is an opportunity to apply the “sent’ part of the NTE Vision, to take the gospel out for the glory of God.  

If you’d like to join a mission, contact a staff worker from your campus for more information and to find out how you can get involved.

Hear from Jakob from Melbourne University - CU about his mission experience:

A highlight of NTE mission was ironically also the thing I was most stressed about - preaching a sermon for the first time. As worried as I was beforehand, the experience of getting heavily into understanding and interpreting God's word with the purpose of sharing it with others was incredibly rewarding.

My experience of NTE mission has actually made be begin to seriously consider 'full-time ministry' for myself, but it's also helped me to see that ministry is something which God's children are doing all the time. It helped adjust the lens through which I need to view myself and my life.