You’re invited to join us for the 2023 International Guest Program as part of the AFES National Training Event in Canberra. Your participation into our conference is of great importance to us as your attendance will widen our Australian university student’s understanding of life in another culture.

International Guest Program Sponsorship Conditions:

1 Participate in the full NTE conference from Saturday 2 December to Wednesday 6 December 2023.
2 Arrange your own transport to the conference venue at EPIC in Canberra arriving by 6pm dinner on Friday 1 December. (If you need advice on travel options please contact the AFES office)
3 Join an NTE Mission team after NTE (generally) from Wednesday 6 to Sunday 11 December 2023.
4 Visa Approval or proof of a visa application must be supplied to the AFES office by Tues 17 October 2023 or the sponsorship will be allocated to another applicant on the waiting list.
5 Flight details must be supplied by 31 October 2023 or the scholarship will be cancelled. (Please note that the Sponsorship does not cover any flights to and from Australia)

If you are unable to fulfil these scholarship conditions you are still welcome to attend NTE but will need to register online and pay as a standard NTE delegate.


The NTE Sponsorship Application Process:

The NTE Sponsorship Application Process:

Please follow the steps listed.

Agree to the conditions above.

Register your Sponsorship application by completing the International Sponsorship webform by 3 October 2023.

All approved applicants will be emailed an Invitation Letter to include with their visa applications. We will also notify the Australian Immigration Department of each applicant’s passport details notifying that they are an official delegate invited to attend NTE – this will assist with visa application approvals. It will help applicants if they can have a copy of a potential flight itinerary submitted with their visa application to prove return dates.

Before Monday 17 October, notify AFES of your visa approval or supply evidence that you have lodged your visa application. If this is not received, your scholarship will be cancelled and allocated to someone else.

Before 31 October, email flight details to AFES at [email protected] after which you will be sent the NTE registration confirmation email with final details.

Arrive in Canberra before 6pm on Saturday 2 December to begin your NTE adventure!