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The Union of Evangelical Students of Slovenia (ZVEŠ) is a small fellowship in a country where evangelical Christianity is tiny, meaning that the number of national evangelical students is also extremely small. One can expect to complete a university course without meeting another Bible-believing Christian! Yet our God is providing: we praise him for our international team of young graduates, committed to sharing the gospel with students in Slovenia.





MFES (Myanmar Fellowship of Evangelical Students) For many decades the majority Buddhist country of Myanmar was under military rule with many restrictions to working with university students. In recent years the country has undergone significant changes and there are now many new opportunities to establish groups on universities that seek to equip disciples of Jesus to make disciples and live out their faith on their universities and in society. Through the work of MFES we hope to see many more lives changed through the gospel, and the whole nation transformed through them. MFES officially started on 1 October 2016.