The Act Now Giving has now closed. Thank you for all the generosity you have shown to the projects at NTE2023.

NTE2023 Act Now Partners and Projects

NTE2023 Act Now Partners and Projects

Here is a taste and a little information on all the projects from last year at NTE2023.

IFES’ Goal:
» 200 text and video messages
to encourage IFES sister movements (in non-sensitive areas).

In the past, students have written thousands of letters to other student movements throughout the world, reminding them of the partnership we have in Jesus and encouraging them to persevere in the gospel. This year, you’ll hear more about our IFES sister movements and have the opportunity to share a personal message with students throughout the world. This can be a message from you, with your friends, or even with your campus group. There is no limit to the encouragement we can share with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Visit the IFES website

Wycliffe’s Goals:
» 20 students to register interest in future service with Wycliffe.
» 100 commitments to pray for the progress of the worldwide Bible translation work.
» 300 contributions of $5 towards the completion of the Holi Baibul Old Testament audio recording.

Did you know that the Kriol speakers of North Australia have a complete Holi Baibul (Holy Bible) audio translation of the New Testament?! What amazing news! But, sadly, only sections of the Old Testament have been recorded. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Kriol speakers had a completely recorded Holi Baibul? By God’ grace, recording work has begun and is on-going. Take the opportunity to learn about the process and significance of Bible translation, and act now.

Visit the Wycliffe website

WEC’s Goals:
» 100 encouraging conversations with NTE Attendees to spur them on to walk with Jesus in this world.
» 260 students to become prayer partners with the ministry of Betel as they reach the unreached and support those struggling with addiction.
» 260 contributions of $5 to purchase furniture and household goods for the new Betel centre housing 20 men.

Betel, a ministry of WEC International, harmonises church planting, residential discipleship and non-profit businesses, to help desperate people heal and rebuild their lives based on biblical values. Betel aims to bring long term freedom and restoration to those broken by drug and alcohol abuse, emphasising the restoration of personality found in the everlasting gospel. The Betel centres are free of charge to men and women in need, with no waiting lists and are run by past sufferers who have experienced freedom from addiction through the saving grace and work of Jesus Christ. Take the opportunity to know more and act now.

Visit the WEC website

GRN’s Goals:
» 350 contributions of $5 to provide evangelism kits in the local languages of 5 areas in Zimbabwe.
» 200 commitments to pray regularly that the people of Zimbabwe can hear the message of Jesus in their heart language.

Although many people around the world do not have access to Jesus in their own heart language, many of us have been blessed to enjoy rich biblical resources in our English language. For over 80 years GRN has been at the forefront of world mission, recording the story of Jesus in over 6,700 languages and speech varieties. Experience how they’ve done this and how this technology has helped spread the gospel to previously unreached people groups. Come to Act Now and see how you can be helping people in Zimbabwe hear the good news of Jesus!

Visit the GRN website

IFES South Pacific’s Goals:
» 150 contributions of $5 to enable staff in the Solomon Islands to purchase one laptop for the ministry.
» 150 contributions of $5 to fund 2 local staffworkers for next year in Vanuatu.
» 150 commitments to pray for staff workers throughout the Pacific.
» 300 one-to-one encouraging conversations between NTE attendees and staff and students from the Pacific.

God is at work throughout the Pacific in islands as far flung as Vanuatu, Fiji, Guam, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and the Solomon Islands. We have the privilege of welcoming attendees from these islands at NTE2023. Come and meet brothers and sisters and partner with them for the sake of Jesus as they prayerfully plan for the future of their ministry.