Your campus stories - on screen

As well as the training itself, NTE is is all about sharing great stories about what Jesus is doing at our unis. This year, we're taking these stories to the big screen.

40 second videos

You have the opportunity to shoot a 40 second video, that we'll show during the main sessions at NTE. We're keen to show as many of them at possible over the week.

Your video in 5 easy steps

  1. Pick a great story! This could be a testimony, a conversation, an event you did on campus... maybe as part of a mission week. If it's all about Jesus and making him known - then it's a story worth sharing.
  2. Find the right people. Who is the best person to tell the story? Know anyone with camera skills/gear? Find all the right people and book a time to plan
  3. Plan a structure (40 seconds total)
    • 5 second greeting. You have 5 seconds to say who you are and where you're from. You can make this bit a bit funny / involve lots of people.
    • Story (35 secs) Even though it's 35 seconds long, it will have a beginning, middle and end. No need to go word-for-word, just do some thinking about it then go for it
  4. Shoot! Find a place where the lighting is good, that looks interesting, and is quiet. Shoot in max quality!
  5. Submit. When you're all done (and have checked the submission requirements), send a Dropbox link to your file to Pete ([email protected]). If you don't have Dropbox email me and we'll sort it out.

Handy hints

  • No high tech gear, no worries. iPhones shoot pretty good video. Someone will have an iPhone! But if you have Hollywood gear handy... go for it.
  • Editing optional.One take wonder? Great! Though you can make some cuts if needed.
  • Use a tripod if possible!

Submission requirements

  • Maximum 40 seconds
  • Sound must be clear
  • No added music (we're doing that later)
  • Video must be landscape orientation (i.e. DON'T hond your phone upright)!
  • Must fit the brief above
  • Of course, must not contain anything crude or offensive

That's it... have fun!