Strand FAQ

If I'm in year 12, do I just select Strand 1?
At NTE there's a Strand 12 group catered for students who are about to start uni or have just finished Year 12. Register as a Year 12 student and receive $50 cashback. Download the form here.

It’s my first year of NTE but I’ve done Strand 1 already, do I need to do it again?
If you have already done a Strand 1 or Strand 2 at another training conference such as Next Gen or Engage, with the advice of your staff worker, you may register for the next strand. We strongly encourage not to jump more than 3 strand groups if it is your first time at NTE.

Do I need to be a Christian to be a part of a strand group?
No. There is a Strand 101 group which is a group for those investigating Christianity.

Can I pick who is in my strand group?
Strand groups are grouped with students from different campuses. This is a chance to hear from other students from other universities. Unless there is specific permission from your staff worker, you will not be able to choose who is in your group.

Do I need to bring anything to my strand sessions?
This varies from group to group but the basic materials you need are a bible, the strand booklet you receive at registration, stationary. Some groups bring snacks to share to help with brain function but this is completely optional.

I picked the wrong strand group on my registration, how do I change?
Email nte [at] (subject: Strand%20change) to make this change with your new strand group and the reason for the change.

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