If you are an international student we would love you to join us for NTE in December! NTE provides a unique opportunity for you to meet with other international students studying at university in Australia. Together you will hear what the Bible says about issues that you're thinking about.


This year the FOCUS talks for International students will run on Sunday and Tuesday from 11:30-1:00pm in the Terrace Room. It is a time for all international students to come together and participate in session prepared especially for you. This year, we have Matthew Meek from AFES FOCUS and Charles Gajus from UNSW FOCUS giving  a talk each on the Trinity.

FOCUS Speakers


Matthew Meek is married to Evelyn, a Malaysian-born Chinese. They have 2 children: Annabelle and Christopher. Matthew serves as FOCUS (International Student Ministry) Director nationally with AFES and also locally with the AFES team at the University of Wollongong. He longs to see international students come to faith in Christ, be built-up in Christ, and sent home to win their nations for Christ.
The theme of NTE this year is the 'True and Living God'. Matthew will show how this God is the Three-in-One Trinity God, help us understand why the Trinity God is important, and teach how this Trinity God changes our lives.
Charles Gajus was born in Indonesia and moved to Australia with his family when he was 7 years old.  He is married to Stefani and have four cheeky children who are growing up way too fast.  He is both the Director of Training for Campus Bible Study (UNSW), as well as, the pastor of an Indonesian FOCUS church.  At NTE he will be sharing from John's gospel about the wonderful work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in bringing us from death to life.

FOCUS Strand Groups

Strand groups are small groups in which you will look at a particular passage of the Bible, or biblical teaching and learn the skills to be able to explain the passage to someone else.
There are four strands that have been written in easy-to-understand English:
Strand 101
Investigating Christianity
Strand 1
Understanding the New Testament
Strand 2
Understanding the Old Testament
Strand 3
Systematic Theology
Strand 1 and Strand 2 have also been translated into Mandarin and Japanese.
When you are registering for NTE, make sure you select a FOCUS English, Mandarin or Japanese strand. Where possible, we will place you in a strand group with students who speak the same language as you.

FOCUS Electives

Living as a Chinese Christian

You’re studying in Australia.  You may have many questions about what will happen after graduation?  This elective will help you know how to live God’s way as a Chinese Christian.  This elective will be in Mandarin.

Returning Home to Family and Church

Many things have changed since you left home and came to study in Australia. Perhaps the biggest change is becoming a Christian! What will it be like to return home? How will you honour your parents as a Christian? What will church be like back in your country? Come and find out! 

Moving From Uni to Work

When you finish study, what will working-life be like? What expectations will there be? How can we adjust? Maybe you’ve become a Christian! This changes how we think about life and all other things. How can work to fit into God's plans for our world? Come and find out!