Participate in 2 global mission electives at NTE. This is a time to hear from missionaries around Australia and the world and learn about the gospel opportunities in these countries. 


South Pacific: Specifically Pacific Opportunities - FULL

Join with delegates from PNG, Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu as they share the joys and struggles of university ministry in the South Pacific. Be challenged by both the great mission work done in the past and the great needs and opportunities today.

North Australia- Australia’s Big Backyard: Reaching the Remote

North Australia is a unique cross-cultural environment.
One of the world’s oldest living cultures adapts to the 21st century. How does the good news of Jesus spread in that challenging context? There are many social and spiritual barriers to gospel growth, yet God is working in clear ways. Indigenous church leaders in the north are asking for support and partnership. Be surprised at the opportunities for you to be involved in bringing the hope of the gospel to North Australian communities.

Western Europe: The reformation that Europe needs today

Tall cathedrals but small evangelical communities.
Brexit and new political hopes, but who is sharing the living hope in Christ?  What impact is student ministry having in this post-Christian environment. How can I be connected into mission in Europe today?

Nepal: Medical partnerships for an elevated Kingdom - FULL

In many places governments and socio-political groups are hostile to the proclamation of Jesus as Lord, and opportunities to work full time in the church are limited. See how your professional skills can open doors to share the good news of the gospel and minister to the church in interesting and dynamic locations.

Eastern Europe: A Christian response to social and religious changes - FULL

How do you preach the gospel in a region that has a history of national division and social breakdown?
Hear how an under-resourced Bible believing church can survive when opposed by traditional religion and growing materialism. Be encouraged and challenged as we hear what God is doing in the Russian speaking world.

Myanmar: From Pagodas to Christ - FULL

Universities in Myanmar were closed in 1988, and since then universities were relocated outside the cities and reopened in 1999- but student groups are still banned.  Amidst rapid change in Myanmar, hear about the birth of a new evangelical student movement in this majority Buddhist country. How can Australian students partner and support the gospel going to the students of Myanmar?

Japan: Cultural resistance and gospel perseverance - FULL

Japan has a strong economy, stable government, and the highest life expectancy in the world, Many Japanese people are lonely, striving endlessly to provide for their families, and pushing their children to do the same. Japanese people need to know Jesus, and the hope and new life found in him.
How do you need to prepare if you are thinking of ministry in Japan or reaching Japanese students on your campus?

Practical Steps Towards Mission

I am interested in the possibility of overseas ministry.
How do I need to prepare? Who should I go with? Where can my gifts be used? How much money will it cost? There are lots of things to consider so come and hear the experts who will help you take the next steps. 

Creative Access Locations: How to get in when the doors are closed

What does Christian ministry look like in a majority Muslim country?
How does evangelical ministry work when evangelism can be illegal? How is a student ministry even able to even exist on campus? Hear of opportunities to do Muslim ministry in Australia and overseas from AFES graduates who are doing this now.

CITE: Postgraduate Study

Thinking about postgraduate study?
You might be surprised at the opportunities there are for postgraduates and academics who love Jesus to reach out to the academic community and the general public. Being an expert in something, no matter how narrow, gives you a platform to share your ideas. A PhD is like a passport to the world. Meet academics who take their commitment to Jesus seriously both at home and around the world. Hear about opportunities on campus in Australia and overseas.

FOCUS: Returning home to family and church

Many things have changed since you left home and came to study in Australia.
Perhaps the biggest change is becoming a Christian! What will it be like to return home? How will you honour your parents as a Christian? What will church be like back in your country? Come and find out! 

FOCUS: Moving from Uni to Work

When you finish study, what will working-life be like?
What expectations will there be? How can we adjust? Maybe you’ve become a Christian! This changes how we think about life and all other things. How can work fit into God's plans for our world? Come and find out!