Seminars are run 3 times during NTE. Extend what you have heard and learnt in the main sessions with other students from your campus. 


GOspel shaped freedom

‘I am free,’ says the apostle Paul.  What freedoms is Paul referring to?  And how should we use these ‘freedoms’?  As a Christian, we know we don't do whatever we want, and live as if Jesus isn’t our Lord.  We also enjoy many other God-given freedoms as young, educated students in Australia.  We have choices available to us each week, each month, each year.  How does the Gospel of Jesus establish and shape my freedom? 

Gospel shaped prayer

'Lord, teach us to pray’ ask the disciples.  The disciples needed help from Jesus to help them pray to their heavenly Father.  What does prayer shaped by knowing the Lord Jesus look like?  How can we best pray to God, and what answers are we looking for?  How does the Gospel of Jesus establish and shape my prayers? 

gospel shaped humanity

Australian values keep changing.  Much of this change is tending away for a common morality with Christians.  Consequently, we should expect more conflict in the topics of purpose, preciousness of each person, and how we ought to live.  We’ll be considering together an aspect of our common humanity as a case-study to consider how ought to engage with the world, family and friends at points of difference.  How does the Gospel of Jesus help us respond well?