International Guest Program FAQ

Do I need a Visa?
You may require a Visa to attend depending on your Nationality and passport. You can read through your Visa Options here.
If you require an invitation sponsorship letter to obtain a visa, please nte [at] (subject: International%20Guest%20enquiry) (email us) as soon as possible so we can supply that for you. 

Do I need to choose a Strand?
You will be automatically placed into Strand 1 if this is your first NTE.

How do I get from Sydney to Canberra?
The quickest and most accessible option is to catch a bus from an Airport. The two main companies are Murrays and Greyhound. There are options to book online prior to your arrival. If you do choose to catch a bus to Canberra it is essential that you book as soon as possible. More information on how to get to EPIC can be found here.

What if I arrive in Canberra early (i.e. before Saturday morning?)
Please note if you require accommodation in Canberra before NTE then you will need to let us know by emailing howard.spencer [at] (Howard) from the NTE team. You should not assume that we have organised accommodation for you for any nights before Saturday if you have not requested it.

How Do I Get To the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) once I Arrive in Canberra?
From the Canberra Airport it is best to catch a taxi.
From the Canberra Central bus station, bus routes (950,956,958) will take you to EPIC via Flemington Rd.

A helpful map can be found here.

For more information about the location of the conference and transport options, click here.

What About the NTE Mission?
After NTE each campus sends out individual teams to partake in a mission from Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 December 2018. If you would like to participate then you are more than welcome, however you will need to nte [at] (subject: International%20Guest%20enquiry) (email) us beforehand so that we can allocate you to a team.  And please be aware that you will need to adjust your travel arrangements accordingly. 

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