Do I have to be in a FOCUS strand?
Please register for a FOCUS strand initially and then have a chat with your staff worker about what will be the best strand for you to do. We can change it at a later date if needed.

What if I don't have enough money to pay for NTE?
If you would like to go to NTE but need some help to pay the cost, we would like you to speak with your local AFES or FOCUS staff worker. Please don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask. They might be able to provide a small subsidy to help you come.

If it's a camp what kind of accommodation is there?
There are different types of accommodation for the conference that you are able to choose from. The conference is not in the forest, it is in the city of Canberra. If you choose to stay in a motel room you can choose to stay in a single room, a double room (premium), or a room with others (standard or dormitory). If you would like to sleep in a tent you will need to bring one - along with bedding. If you don't own one, please ask your staff worker to help you find one or borrow one. If you have somewhere else you can stay or if you live in Canberra you do not have to stay in NTE accommodation, just choose the 'Day Registration' option when you register.

What will the food be like?
There is a range of different kinds of foods, some Western, some Asian. Breakfast is usually cereal and toast, if you prefer noodles be sure to bring some instant noodles with you just in case.

How will I be able to get to NTE?
Usually your staff worker arranges transport for all the students going to NTE and he or she will send you an email or SMS with details.

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